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Covering Fes Festival of Sacred Music, 2013 -1

Director of the Opening Event

Covering the night shift along with the throng in the vast and booming Place Boujloud, learning on the run how to take photos in the full glare of smokey stage lighting, sorting and writing in dim late night coffee shops on deadline-beating all-nighters, lazy afternoons  in the delicious sound garden of the Batha Museum… a grand assignment indeed.

Here’s the first of three posts linking to my coverage  of the event

Hamid Kasri and crew

Hamadcha Sufi Brotherhood, Dj ClicK, Coumbane Mint Ely Warakane



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and the Shem’sy National Circus School’s participation here

Coverage of the Volubilis International Festival, Meknes, Morocco

Thanks to The View from Fes, the premier English language blog on Moroccan cultural and current affairs, for hosting me as guest writer for the the Fes Festival of Sacred Music,  2103.

For information about the 2014 Fes Festival of Sacred Music, check out The View From Fes excellent introduction to the theme Conference of the Birds.

More photos in my Facebook albumMorocco