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Shem’sy, National Circus School of Morocco @ Fes 2013

Shem’sy, National Circus School of Morocco @ Fes 2013

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Included in the program of the Fes Festival of Sacred Music 2013 was a week of training, show development and free sunset performances by the creative acrobats of Shem’sy, the National Circus School.  The School and their performance troupe are based in the old pirate town of Sale, near Rabat, on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. With a solid background in their skills and a sound understanding of pleasing the crowd,  they and their mentors a  were a great addition to the Festival and a delight to meet.


Here is my report on the Shem’sy  Circus School for The View from Fes, 

the premier English language blog on Moroccan cultural and current affairs, who hosted me as guest writer for the the Fes Festival of Sacred Music,  2103.

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MORE information about the National Circus School here and  here

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