Reportage: Music Festivals in Morocco

7451_10200723740530365_751392673_nThanks to The View from FesMorocco’s  premier English language blog on cultural and current affairs,  for hosting me as guest writer for the Fes Festival of Sacred Music, 2103 and Volubilis Festival, Meknes , July 2013

Hamid Kasri and crew

Hamadcha Sufi Brotherhood, Dj ClicK, Coumbane Mint Ely Warakane


Abeer Nehme and Ali Alaoui

L’orchestra National de Jazz and Ladysmith Red Lions

National Circus School of Morocco

20130612_184419 - Version 2

Abdallah al Makhtoubi and Mohammed Bajeddoub

Dominique A and Nass El Ghiwane

20130615_004736 (2)

Volubilis International Festival

20130705_222720 2013-07-06 22.53.27

MORE photos in my Facebook album: Morocco



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