Volubilis International Festival, Meknes 2013

Volubilis International Festival, July 2013

 Here is my coverage of Volubilis International Festival, originally written for The View from Fes, Morocco’s foremost English language blog on cultural and current affairs. 

The Music is Pumping      &     Small but Perfectly Formed



Clambering into the crew bus after the tumultuous finale of the festival was an event in itself.

Screaming, mobbing fans  pressed against the windows like a scene from Don’t Look Back. Or HELP.

The crew onboard joking that the mob was after me;  with everyone knowing it was the local uberpopstar in the front seat they were screaming for.

On the way I’d run into music journalist Peter Culshaw, whose newly released biography of Manu Chao, Clandestino is an inspiration in participative  journalism. I read it on my Kobo by candlelight in the back of a van somewhere down the road.

It was a great season. I’ll be back.

     *                 *                   *                      *                        *

My coverage of the Fes Festival of Sacred Music, 2103, also on The View from Fes   


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