Amazing, for almost several seconds in the sunset

Your arm around me, trailing like a cloud across the sun

like you were trialling the concept of affection in the moment

But as I turned toward you with my warmth, just like a cloud, you’d gone.

Too little too late, my darling

Too long I been waiting for that moment

Too long living in longing

And now I’m just relieved to be falling out of love with you.

Seems I’ve had my ration of sweet midnight skin unfolding

Now just sweet nothings, what’s app in other elsewheres of your time

But I was pregnant from the love songs that you’d sung into my eyes, babe

And I can’t feed a growing heart on soundbites and other people’s lines

How strange, my door was opened

For setting free a bird that never flew

For trusting and stepping into freefall

Where languages are failing and I don’t know what to say to you

You say patience; waiting doesn’t matter, we’ve got so much slippery time

But you would never put that kind of tension on yr strings

And this one’s breaking into the realisation that you really don’t want me

And losing what I never had is worse than when I wanted for nothing

How sad, that gentle garden

That could have flowered between us never grew

That beautiful duet never happened

And now my sweet release is to be falling out of love with you.

Sometimes, I know we’ll meet again, around the town, babe

I’ll still feel for you, please understand you’ll always touch my heart

But the fire’s out and I got more to do than stand here crying

Maybe later when the wood’s dried there might be another spark

But for now,  it’s too late, darling

Too much water, too few bridges

How deep the valley, down between the ridges

Where I will watch the sunset and remember when I was

              Oh sunshine, I was so in love with you.


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