Brother Wood

 A song to my guitar, at the point of wondering whether to bring him backpacking… of course, I did.

Brother Wood

If I leave you, what will I regret?

Could I leave an old friend to go out on the road?

I’m scared and restless like my heart’s already homeless

Memory of exile, diaspora in my blood

Perjalanan ini feels like throwing crumpled paper on a flood

20130816_155458 - Version 2

 I can’t read the signs,  I don’t know the meaning

 why I choose this path again of onlyness and leaving

 How many times do I make myself a home

 And tear myself away again, create myself alone?

 If I carry you, will you carry me, too?

Or will you only be something else to lose?

You will weigh me, I will have to bear you,

Will you be a token of a dream that I have lost?

Or will you give me comfort and the strength to be the one who pays the cost

When I’m lost and tired, my heart is feeling homeless

Will you find me friends along the way?

Brother Wood if I commit to you, will you give me back some love each day?


If I don’t take you, what would I forget?

Maybe you’ll remind me out there on the road

Cos I think you’re coming with me, I think that we both know that

You can call me troubador and play me through the times

When a journeying heart can only speak in rhymes.


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