Welcome, traveller.

As they say in Indonesia: sedikit sedikit menjadi bukit… a little, a little, becomes a mountain…

As we say in English:  the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step….

So welcome to some  small steps on  my journey through this world and small stones from the mountain of writing and image.

I hope you are rewarded,  exploring  my travel/event writing, poetry and songs, photography, inspirations and responses to life, places and people.. Nothing is for sale, there’s no agenda apart from sharing what I create, and what inspires me to keep going.

The banner image at the top of each page is  ‘In your Heart you are Free’,  is part  of an extraordinary trove of images captured by a young boy in the impoverished Batur area of Bali, mentored by creative activist Pande Putu Setiawan of Komunitas Anak Alam.

If you like what you find here,  feel free to ‘follow’ the blog (there’s a ‘follow’ button at the bottom of this page.)

For a first reward … please enjoy this song. that I play almost every  day,

and hear flowing through the world even when I don’t…

Living is an Art, Bob Andy’s sweet hymn to creative life.


6 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. gabebook Post author

      Thanks Stephanie! I’ve beent taking in so much lately, and sorting out such a backlog of impressions, situations and emotions.. but words are starting to flow out again now.. bless…


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